MS & Other Neuromuscular Diseases

"I'm a ski instructor with Multiple Sclerosis, and over the years I've taught thousands of children to ski.  My 3 year old son has recently expressed interest in skiing, and before I got my CADS there was no way I was ever going to have the strength to teach him.  Walter, thank you for making it possible for me to pass on my love of skiing to my own little boy!

 To anyone who has MS, don't give up skiing before you spend a day with Walter; you'll discover what I have - that CADS really work!"—R. K.

I have M.S. and my legs give out after 1/2 day. Skied all day and felt great! I could eat my lunch in a crouch with CADS! They both extend my day and much improve my form. Very pleased.—H. J. P.

I have Parkinson's and without CADS I probably would not ski. Big help getting weight on the front of my skis. Taking some time to get used to but I am sure in a short time it will be fine.

Thanks,—W. Y.

I had Polio in 1951 and have been skiing for 10 years 1 or 2 runs at most a day. At the end of the day I was exhausted!!

The first day on CADS I skied 8 runs without getting tried!!!

The CADS system is a miracle.—B. K.

"The CADS system gave me the extra support necessary for a day of skiing for a person with Multiple Sclerosis."—J.Q.

"I've got MS which significantly weakens my legs, though I can still walk.   That, together with MS fatigue means that I'd be lucky to manage more than perhaps 100 yards on skis in a single day.  With CADS I was skiing with enthusiasm and quite comfortably managing six or more runs a day."—B.W.

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