Using the Pole Straps Properly

Our grip is a little different than ones you're used to.  The strap is attached at the bottom of the grip instead of the top, and it is designed to breakaway.  So if you put the strap on the way you're used to doing, it will break away when you don't want it to and you'll lose the strap.  If you've lost the strap already, here are directions for how to put the new one you've ordered back on.  So that the strap doesn't break away prematurely (like when you're polling on the flats), we recommend the following technique.

Put your hand in a straight line through the strap, as if you are going to grab the pole.  Don't twist your wrist.

Open your hand and...

Move your hand straight up, so that the straps are in your palm.

Strap in palm

And grip the pole