Thigh Burn and Quad Fatigue

My legs were not nearly as in shape as previous years and I had virtually no thigh burn or knee swelling.—A.S.W.

Very impressive. Significantly decreased thigh pain, hence improved endurance and elimination of "sloppy'' end-of-day routine.

Very likely to be of benefit, not only to the average skier, but in particular to those individuals with knee (or possibly hip) disorders that limit their abilities.—R. W. Y., M.D. F.R.C.S.(C)

I demo'd and then purchased my CADS last April—so far have skied approx. 20 days on them. They do everything you said they would. Great for my knees and quads and really help my edging.—D. G.

Real orthotic problems (fallen metatarsals)—also weak quads.—After 2 runs—so convinced I bought. It also has improved my skiing.—S. H.

I raced for 8 years before I married Shirley 38 years ago. I have BAD knees. After 5 days on my new CADS I threw away my brace and all the quad exercise programs and my wife says she has never seen me ski this well.—C. R.

Demoed the CADS all day! Made a big difference in my skiing. I skied all day without knee pain and quad fatigue. My knee felt stable all day.—E. N.

We had the best first day of skiing in a lifetime (6 hours) on CADS! There was no fatigue, quad pain or back fatigue. CADS provide superior edge control and stabilization. Adjustment time was minimal. CADS are a Quantum Leap in skiing!—D. & S. G.

Tried CADS because of THIGH-BURN which has bothered my for years. What a difference! I was able to ski from the top of the mountain to the bottom—non-stop. First time ever! No burn, no pain. Looking forward to better, faster and longer runs.—N. H.

Had a great day today—skied with Murray all day and had a ball. Skied Game Creek top to bottom with no quad pain. I've been skiing since I've been 12 years old and am now 43, CADS makes me feel and ski like I'm 25 years old again. I love them! Anyone who wants to ski better and ski forever should try them. They even hold on the icy slopes out East. I hope everyone has them someday! Thanks for putting the fun back in skiing!—P, H.

" it enables me to ski more difficult terrain with less exertion of my quadricep muscles and without placing stress on my knee joint."—J.S.R., DMD

"In the last few years my wife has developed arthritis in one of her knees and I have lost some of my stamina (especially in my thighs). We both found we could ski longer and, (I think) safer with our CADS."—C.E.S.

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