Strength & Stamina

...CADS makes skiing so much easier and lot more fun; this becomes very important to a man of my age—65.  I have also found I can ski longer and without getting tired and sore muscles...I do enjoy skiing even more today because of CADS.—B.A.

I have M.S. and my legs give out after 1/2 day. Skied all day and felt great! I could eat my lunch in a crouch with CADS! They both extend my day and much improve my form. Very pleased.—H. J.

Skied for the first time with CADS, I was impressed after the first run, skied all day and for the first time in several years was not tired at the end of the day, bought the system.—M. F.

Walter—I'm devoted to my CADS. They've changed how I feel at the end of the day—no more aches. I love being able to rest as I'm skiing!!—C. H.


The CADS made a tremendous difference in my endurance. From 3 runs before to 11 runs the very first day.

Thanks,—R. D.

The system works! The demo was courteous and not pushy—there wasn't a great pressure to buy—but there need not be—after skiing all morning (3 hrs.) I felt relaxed and at ease with system—and much less tired.—D. G.

From skeptic to convert in 15 seconds! A new lease on ski life is a new lease on life! Thank you Ron, Reggie, Walt (in absentia) and Tim.

Completely Astounding Downhill Serendipity.

Thank you—B. H.

I was about to give up skiing altogether until I heard about CADS from a very enthusiastic convert. I tried them myself and hope to be skiing until I'm 80! The pain and misery of a great sport are no longer—and special thanks to Ron and Reggie for not only a wonderful demonstration but a great ski lesson.

Many Thanks—P. G.

Dear Walter,

I've found the "CADS'' to be helpful in relieving the pain in my knees. Until today my knees have been painful after skiing and after demo-ing "CADS'' for one day, I feel virtually pain free and I'm not at all tired.—B. McK.

We had the best first day of skiing in a lifetime (6 hours) on CADS! There was no fatigue, quad pain or back fatigue. CADS provide superior edge control and stabilization. Adjustment time was minimal. CADS are a Quantum Leap in skiing!—D. & S. G.

Dear Walter,

I've been a tired skier for a long time. I think I've found a new lease on life, etc.!!

Thanks,—J. E.

Walter, When I got my CADS last year I hoped it would help my arthritic knee a little bit. It has helped a lot. I am able to ski longer without fatigue or pain. Skiing is easier on my knee than walking. Thanks for making skiing easier and much more enjoyable.

Dr. G. G.

Hi Walter. You're a great guy and it's fun to ski with you and help you become a success. I hope to ski 5 years* longer now.—I. V.

*It's been 11 years and he's still skiing—Ed.

Dear Walter: Let me thank you and Murray for the time and effort. You have a well engineered and designed and made product. I'm sure it's going to lengthen my skiing days and years.—B. S.

Dear Walter & Murray—I came in this morning with much hesitation and ended the day absolutely convinced that this system not only significantly reduced my knee stress but advanced my skiing level at least three-fold.

I was concerned about the little holes that would be required in the seat of my ski pants for the pulleys—but the positive enhancement of my skiing day, style, and ability (to say nothing of my endurance and health) is worth 100 little holes and you only required two!

Thanks for a great experience. I'll keep you posted on any progress!—B. E.

CADS are terrific! My legs used to get so tired that I'd be ready to quit early in the afternoon. Now, with CADS, I'm still going strong when the lifts close! Thanks for giving me so much more skiing.—G. P.

I have advanced hip arthritis—am about ready for a hip replacement—and came to B. Creek expecting to read all day while my family skied. Thanks to CADS (and super training with Ron & Reggie) I expect I'll out-ski them! Yesterday I collapsed after 3 very short runs—today I skied all day. The system really is quite incredible.—R. Z.

I had Polio in 1951 and have been skiing for 10 years 1 or 2 runs at most a day. At the end of the day I was exhausted!!

The first day on CADS I skied 8 runs without getting tried!!!

The CADS system is a miracle.—B. K.

Never skied better in spite of snow falling and vision poor. I am 70 yr. old and had to stop skiing about 2 pm because of quad fatigue. Skied all day and still ready to go out dancing. I believe this will extend my skiing by 50% or more—loved them!—J. W.


I have had CADS for a year now. I don't have sore knees, hips or back pain.

I bought CADS as a preventative measure. I don't want to stop skiing for the next thirty years. I am fifty years old, and in very good shape as a Physical Education teacher.

I love CADS. Try them, you can't do without them. They take thirty years off your legs.

My husband D. has CADS too. He now skis like a youngster. We couldn't recommend anything better than CADS to improve your skiing pleasure.

See you on the slopes.—C. C. and D. B.

"...Then I discovered CADS. Now I can ski 5 days/week and I am not bushed at night"—M.E.R.

"In the last few years my wife has developed arthritis in one of her knees and I have lost some of my stamina (especially in my thighs). We both found we could ski longer and, (I think) safer with our CADS."—C.E.S.

"My family couldn’t believe the improvement in my skiing, particularly with respect to speed and stamina. ...There is no way I would contemplate skiing again without my CADS system."—N.S.H.

"Your CADS have kept this skier, who was almost ready to throw in the towel two years ago, on the hill rather than over it."—D.S.P., MD

"One can ski longer, from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM, with less leg fatigue. The years of skiing pleasure are dramatically extended..."—C.C.

"I am willing to unequivocally state that I believed they help me by 30% to 50%. I’ll never ski without them."—I.V.

" my skiing life will be extended for years to come."—R.D.

"...a system that can dramatically enhance the performance of your ski client and extend his ability to ski longer periods for a greater portion of his lifetime. Skiing with CADS is exhilarating, enhances your natural skiing, and increases the power of your turns. CADS can diminish future strain of the knees and back and will give your current clients who have these problems an opportunity to enjoy the sport with much less discomfort."—J.R.

"I am a 62 year old skier who felt this would be my last skiing season...I discovered CADS and can now ski all day without pain. I can also look forward to skiing for many years to come."—W.C.B.

"I just wanted you to know how pleased I am with my CADS...Having hurt my right leg three years ago I have not bee able to ski more than two or three hours, but yesterday I skied the full day—32 runs at Stowe— with no pain. Dr. Steadman thinks the CADS are a good idea."—L.B.

"The device substantially reduces the pressure on my knee and makes it possible for me to ski longer and harder each day without the severe pain and discomfort I have experienced. It should...permit me to continue to enjoy skiing for additional years."—T.F.B.

" makes me a more confident skier and also a more safe skier who can now routinely ski in control, not out of it. Improved endurance and lack of fatigue proved to be an unexpected bonus. ...CADS is a proven product that makes skiing safer on the knees."—R.R.D., DDS

"CADS are all that is claimed about them...I can now ski three to four days at a time..."—T.B.

"CADS gives me increased stability, endurance, and strength. ...Skiing is easier than walking as far as knee comfort is concerned."—G.P.G., MD

"We both feel that this CADS system has added years to our skiing enjoyment."—Y.H.H.

"I feel safer, can ski for longer periods of time, have more fun because I know that I am skiing better than I have in the past..."—Mrs. W.H.H. III

"...I could once again ski entire runs without losing control or tiring myself excessively. As a result of using this system, I was able to win a gold medal in the finals of the 1992 Coca- Cola Cup in Giant Slalom held at Arapahoe Basin Ski Area."—R.C.H.

"...I am an advanced skier, twenty-seven years old, with no physical handicaps. ...For me, the benefit of CADS is increased leg strength and endurance while skiing."—T.W.H.

"CADS allow me to ski longer and better without muscle fatigue...which allowed me to enjoy skiing more mogul terrain without fatigue and the resulting injury risk, but also provided a noticeable improvement in my capacity to carve turns. CADS are a truly revolutionary advance in skiing technology."—J.A.H.

"The combination of reducing fatigue and pain while enhancing performance has vastly increased my enjoyment of skiing."—P.C.H.

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