I have M.S. and my legs give out after 1/2 day. Skied all day and felt great! I could eat my lunch in a crouch with CADS! They both extend my day and much improve my form. Very pleased.—H. J.

The CADS system definitely lived up to all of its claims. I got used to it during my first run. My skiing improved as did my confidence. I was particularly impressed with the edging and carving improvement of my skis.—H. H.

Walter—as the first Canadian to buy these (at the developmental stage) I thought there was little that could advance my skiing to such a higher level - edge control - stability - as well as back support - (back surgery '89)—D. Z.


I demo'd and then purchased my CADS last April—so far have skied approx. 20 days on them. They do everything you said they would. Great for my knees and quads and really help my edging.—D. G.

Walter—as the third proud owner of "CADS'' I feel that they have improved my overall skiing and taken pressure off my lower back. It is unbelievable how fast you can "ski in control'' with "CADS"

Thanks—J. B.

Real orthotic problems (fallen metatarsals)—also weak quads.—After 2 runs—so convinced I bought. It also has improved my skiing.—S. H.

I raced for 8 years before I married S. 38 years ago. I have BAD knees. After 5 days on my new CADS I threw away my brace and all the quad exercise programs and my wife says she has never seen me ski this well.—C. R.

CADS—Thank you for the gift of skiing. After about 50 years on skies I was about to quit. - "Comfort and delicious stability.'' Phooey on fused vertebrae and a new hip - this is a real miracle.—J. J. B.

Walter—my kids said I never skied so well. Thanks to you and thanks to CADS.—H. G.

I can't recommend the CADS system high enough. Not only did the system do everything they told me it did, but the most pleasant bonus was my skiing improved dramatically in the first half hour. I can't wait to get back out tomorrow.

You owe it to yourself to demo the system and see for yourself. You will love it!—P. G.

Dear Walter & Murray—I came in this morning with much hesitation and ended the day absolutely convinced that this system not only significantly reduced my knee stress but advanced my skiing level at least three-fold.

I was concerned about the little holes that would be required in the seat of my ski pants for the pulleys—but the positive enhancement of my skiing day, style, and ability (to say nothing of my endurance and health) is worth 100 little holes and you only required two!

Thanks for a great experience. I'll keep you posted on any progress!—B. E.

I have skied all my life and love hard skiing. For the last 14 years I have had problems with my knees and usually have to take a day off in the middle of a week's skiing. After using the "Demos'' skiing bumps and skiing all day, my knees are fine and I think my skiing improved. I am buying CADS and highly recommend them.—D. R.

Never skied better in spite of snow falling and vision poor. I am 70 yr. old and had to stop skiing about 2 pm because of quad fatigue. Skied all day and still ready to go out dancing. I believe this will extend my skiing by 50% or more—loved them!—J. W. MD

Never skied better or had more fun and it saved my knees! I'm looking forward to many more days like this. Wonderful!—S. W.

Walter Dandy tells me that I am the first Neurosurgeon to ski CADS. I have been on the system for 10 days and like it better every day. I am skiing in a much more relaxed and effective manner and with no fatigue. Further, 5 days before starting with CADS I was in bed with back spasm which has shown no signs of recurrence except after an afternoon of skiing without CADS "just to see.'' I have already called patients to recommend CADS and I will be putting any back patient who wants to ski on the system in the future.—J. M. E. MD

"My family couldn’t believe the improvement in my skiing, particularly with respect to speed and stamina. ...There is no way I would contemplate skiing again without my CADS system."—N.S.H.

"...a system that can dramatically enhance the performance of your ski client and extend his ability to ski longer periods for a greater portion of his lifetime. Skiing with CADS is exhilarating, enhances your natural skiing, and increases the power of your turns. CADS can diminish future strain of the knees and back and will give your current clients who have these problems an opportunity to enjoy the sport with much less discomfort."—J.R., Ski Instructor

"CADS will extend my skiing life, in addition to improving and making it safer. I don’t think there’s been a more significant enhancement in ski equipment since metal edges."—J.B.

"I feel safer, can ski for longer periods of time, have more fun because I know that I am skiing better than I have in the past..."—Mrs. W.H.H. III

"...the serendipitous aspect of vastly improved skiing ability leads one to re-interpret its acronym: Completely Astounding Downhill Serendipity: CADS."—B.H.

"CADS allow me to ski longer and better without muscle fatigue...which allowed me to enjoy skiing more mogul terrain without fatigue and the resulting injury risk, but also provided a noticeable improvement in my capacity to carve turns. CADS are a truly revolutionary advance in skiing technology."—J.A.H.

"The combination of reducing fatigue and pain while enhancing performance has vastly increased my enjoyment of skiing."—P.C.H.

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