As the third proud owner of "CADS'' I feel that they have improved my overall skiing and taken pressure off my lower back. It is unbelievable how fast you can "ski in control'' with "CADS"

Thanks—J. B.

As the first Canadian to buy these (at the developmental stage) I thought there was little that could advance my skiing to such a higher level - edge control - stability - as well as back support - (back surgery '89)—D. Z.

After back surgery and years of chronic lower back pain, with CADS, I can finally ski for a whole day, pain free! This system adds tremendous support and stability to my legs and lower back - it allows me to ski faster with more confidence - I'm very grateful to have found it.—P. B.

" makes me a more confident skier and also a more safe skier who can now routinely ski in control, not out of it. Improved endurance and lack of fatigue proved to be an unexpected bonus. ...CADS is a proven product that makes skiing safer on the knees."—R.R.D., DDS

"I found that the CADS system not only enabled me to ski but substantially improved my control ability on skis quite apart from taking away much of the problematic pressures that would otherwise have been put onto my knees."—D.L.D.

"As an expert in human biomechanics suffice it to say that the CADS provide for substantial reduction of stress to the most vulnerable joints while allowing for improved control and endurance which effectively minimize physical discomfort and enhance the inherent enjoyment associated with this great sport."—R.A.DiC., DC

"CADS gives me increased stability, endurance, and strength. ...Skiing is easier than walking as far as knee comfort is concerned."G.P.G., MD

"...I could once again ski entire runs without losing control or tiring myself excessively. As a result of using this system, I was able to win a gold medal in the finals of the 1992 Coca- Cola Cup in Giant Slalom held at Arapahoe Basin Ski Area."R.C.H.

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