I had 18 knee surgeries in the past.  The last two were total knee replacements.  I am 61 years young and in very good shape despite the trauma I have had in the past.  Last year I was skiing at Park City with my CADS system.  I tore the alligator clip when dismounting from the chair lift.  I could not ski down this long run to the bottom with only one rod, so I just tied the cords around my waist and skied to the bottom.  Prior to this incident, I was feeling good and skiing with very little pain.  

That changed quickly as I soon learned how much help the CADS system provided.  By the time I reached the bottom, my knees were aching, my thighs were sore, and I generally felt like crap.  I improvised by attaching my cord to my boot with a plastic tie wrap normally used for attaching lift tickets.

With my CADS system in place, I was able to ski the rest of the day and the rest of the week without any of the aches and pains of skiing sans CADS.

I am a firm believer in the value of CADS and can ski relatively pain free with them.—G.T.

My CADS have literally saved my skiing.  Having had multiple knee injuries and surgeries, my ski days were rapidly coming to a painful end before I learned about CADS.  Prior to CADS, my pain level was increasing and my ability to ski bumps and powder was seriously decreasing.  I still have some pain, but with CADS, I'm back skiing the bumps and powder and postponing knee replacement.  Besides the relief I've gotten from my CADS, the service that you guys provide is terrific—always personal and always prompt.  Thanks so much for saving my skiing.—T.O.

I purchased my CADS three seasons ago and this year I really put them to the test.  I had surgery on my knee four months ago and it was not successful.  Then, I was laid up for weeks with a blood clot in my leg.  My knee still hurts to walk, especially up and down the steps.  However, last week, December 28 - January 5, my family and I went skiing.  I skied all week with no pain, thanks to my CADS.  I turn 65 next month and I'm looking forward to many more great years of skiing.  Even though my grandson calls me Mrs. Gump, I can still beat him down the mountain!!  The Cads have truly enable me to continue skiing.—V.S.

I can ski all day, top to bottom with little stress or additional pain in my fake knees.  It was fate we met on the chair.   I'm a "born again" skier.  THANKS!—H. O.

...I would have been lost without the CADS on this trip.  My knee would never have held up on its own.—A.S.W.

Yesterday I tried out my CADS system for the first time, I was not optimistic.  I have had surgery twice on one knee and once on the other and after about 55 years on skis I believed my skiing days were over.  The results were absolutely was absolutely wonderful to ski without pain and I am now looking forward to another ten ski seasons.  Many thanks for your revolutionary contribution to skiing.—B.D.B.

Skied 6 days straight on knees that [had been] signaling me to quit skiing. Did 6-7 inches of powder in back bowls like an expert better than I ever have in my life.  Boogied Blue Ox all the way.  Did the bumps on Zot with style and Úlan.  All this quite hard to believe that in December I was considering leaving the sport.  I am a Born Again Skier!  I cannot understand that anyone with bad knees doesn't beat down your door in search of a fitting.  I realize that this high praise may seem a little beyond, but it is all true.—S. R.

The CADS system has been great for my skiing knees.  I don't think that I could ski without them.—B.R.

...they permit me to ski comfortably in spite of my arthritic knee.   This permits me to ski joyfully with my grandchildren—a joy which I might prematurely have to forego if it weren't for CADS.J.B.

I skied with CADS today and for the first time I had no pain in my knee. It was great! Can't wait to ski tomorrow. It really works.—A. S.

What my wife (above) did not say is that she has no cartilage in her knee and could not ski due to the constant pain of bone on bone. CADS effectively removed the stress on her quads and knee with the results noted. She made six runs the first day.

I tried them, also, and experienced no stress in my quads as well as improved edging with my skis. I highly recommend the system—it is simple to operate and definitely reduces muscle stress. While I have no leg or knee ailments, I nevertheless bought the system.—T. S.

Ski all day—no knee pain! I would not have believed it! Sold me the first run.—B. S.

Walter-Tony-Murray-After having torn ACL on one knee, and no cartilage in the other knee, I thought I'd never be able to ski for more than 2 to 3 hrs., well bless you no pain and skied all day. CADS are great, know what's next, tennis!!

Good Luck—B. P.


I demo'd and then purchased my CADS last April—so far have skied approx. 20 days on them. They do everything you said they would. Great for my knees and quads and really help my edging.—D. G.

Yesterday I was ready to give up skiing, after many years, due to severe right knee pain. To–day I tried the CADS and was completely pain free, the skiing was a dream—the best ever! The CADS system has put a lease on my skiing life—THANK YOU!!J.B.

Dear Walter,

I've found the "CADS'' to be helpful in relieving the pain in my knees. Until today my knees have been painful after skiing and after demo-ing "CADS'' for one day, I feel virtually pain free and I'm not at all tired.—B. McK.

I raced for 8 years before I married Shirley 38 years ago. I have BAD knees. After 5 days on my new CADS I threw away my brace and all the quad exercise programs and my wife says she has never seen me ski this well.—C. R.


Demoed the CADS all day! Made a big difference in my skiing. I skied all day without knee pain and quad fatigue. My knee felt stable all day.—E. N.

Walter, When I got my CADS last year I hoped it would help my arthritic knee a little bit. It has helped a lot. I am able to ski longer without fatigue or pain. Skiing is easier on my knee than walking. Thanks for making skiing easier and much more enjoyable.

Dr. G. G.

Dear Walter & Murray—I came in this morning with much hesitation and ended the day absolutely convinced that this system not only significantly reduced my knee stress but advanced my skiing level at least three-fold.

I was concerned about the little holes that would be required in the seat of my ski pants for the pulleys—but the positive enhancement of my skiing day, style, and ability (to say nothing of my endurance and health) is worth 100 little holes and you only required two!

Thanks for a great experience. I'll keep you posted on any progress!—B. E.

I have had CADS for one season. It is the greatest system in the industry. I say that because I can't ski without the system. The system alleviates the pain in my left knee. I am most grateful for CADS. I should be skiing with this system until I am 90 years-old.

Kindest regards,—P. B.

I was ready to give up skiing due to a chronic knee problem and three operations. CADS put me back on the slopes without a knee brace.

Thanks,—G. R. C., M.D.

I have skied all my life and love hard skiing. For the last 14 years I have had problems with my knees and usually have to take a day off in the middle of a week's skiing. After using the "Demos'' skiing bumps and skiing all day, my knees are fine and I think my skiing improved. I am buying CADS and highly recommend them.—D. R.

I was ready to give up skiing because of arthritis in both knees—resulting in severe pain.

One day on CADS changed my plans! This system really works! Murray showed me exactly how to use the system on the blue slopes here at Vail. He is first class!

Sincerely,—M. L.

I had experienced knee pain for 15 years. The CADS system is a wonderful relief and allows many extra consecutive days of pain free skiing. This system is a "user friendly'' modern miracle.

S. C.

I "hung them up'' 2 years ago due to bad knees. The system will add 20+ years to my skiing pleasure! No pain, lots of fun.—C. M.

Never skied better or had more fun and it saved my knees! I'm looking forward to many more days like this. Wonderful!—S. W.

As I approach 3 score and 10 with a missing ACL and various other knee problems my hard skiing family has been searching for a magic solution to keep me on the snow at least until 90. My daughter saw an ad for CADS and said "I think that may be just the thing.''

After two days of demo and tender loving care from Ron and Reg, I am ready to agree and look forward to the next 20 years of fun on the snow courtesy of CADS.—T. B.

Had the opportunity to Demo CADS to take the load off of my arthritic left knee while skiing. Skied all day with Ron, his wife, and Walter's wife. After trying many combinations of elastic power loops and various adjustments by Ron, we found the perfect combination to take the load off my knee and allow appropriate edge control with both skis. I am looking forward to much more skiing enjoyment from now on with CADS.—W. F. M.

I came to Vail 2 days ago, totally unprepared physically and emotionally to ski. Being 63 years old plus and 25 lbs overweight probably didn't help. Without the CADS the trip would have been canceled and skiing would have been out of the question. This is the second year of my CADS experience and words cannot describe my praise with my feelings and results. It is truly nothing short of a miracle. Anyone who wants a firsthand testimony please call me at Manor Vail where I spend my ski time 476-5651, Detroit Mich 313-875-0300 or at home 313-642-9716. I have a bad left knee and leg.—Doug Dalgleish, Sr.

Sorry Dr. E., but I believe I am the first Neurosurgeon to buy and use CADS (6 Mar 1992 at Beaver Creek). I agree with you that they work GREAT!! I have 2 arthritic knees (ap'd x 2) and I can now again ski all day and much less pain at night.—B. H.

" it enables me to ski more difficult terrain with less exertion of my quadricep muscles and without placing stress on my knee joint."—J.S.R., DMD

"In the last few years my wife has developed arthritis in one of her knees and I have lost some of my stamina (especially in my thighs). We both found we could ski longer and, (I think) safer with our CADS."—C.E.S.

"Being back in Switzerland I became familiarized with the gear soon. Now, I am happy, as it helps me, despite my knee trouble, to ski again."—R.S.

"Since my wife’s water skiing accident 20 years ago caused extensive knee injury, she has not been able to ski. The CADS made it possible for her to ski and we just spent 5 enjoyable days at Stowe!"—L.& M.C.

"Dr. Richard Steadman...mentioned CADS when I asked for permission to ski again. For me CADS is the difference between being able to ski at an advanced level or not being able to ski at all."—J.V.

"...a system that can dramatically enhance the performance of your ski client and extend his ability to ski longer periods for a greater portion of his lifetime. Skiing with CADS is exhilarating, enhances your natural skiing, and increases the power of your turns. CADS can diminish future strain of the knees and back and will give your current clients who have these problems an opportunity to enjoy the sport with much less discomfort."—J.R.

"I just wanted you to know how pleased I am with my CADS...Having hurt my right leg three years ago I have not bee able to ski more than two or three hours, but yesterday I skied the full day—32 runs at Stowe— with no pain. Dr. Steadman thinks the CADS are a good idea."—L.B.

"The device substantially reduces the pressure on my knee and makes it possible for me to ski longer and harder each day without the severe pain and discomfort I have experienced. It should...permit me to continue to enjoy skiing for additional years."—T.F.B.

" makes me a more confident skier and also a more safe skier who can now routinely ski in control, not out of it. Improved endurance and lack of fatigue proved to be an unexpected bonus. ...CADS is a proven product that makes skiing safer on the knees."—R.R.D.

"I found that the CADS system not only enabled me to ski but substantially improved my control ability on skis quite apart from taking away much of the problematic pressures that would otherwise have been put onto my knees."—D.L.D.

"As an expert in human biomechanics suffice it to say that the CADS provide for substantial reduction of stress to the most vulnerable joints while allowing for improved control and endurance which effectively minimize physical discomfort and enhance the inherent enjoyment associated with this great sport."—R.A.DiC.

"CADS gives me increased stability, endurance, and strength. ...Skiing is easier than walking as far as knee comfort is concerned."—G.P.G.

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