Lower Back

Walter—as the first Canadian to buy these (at the developmental stage) I thought there was little that could advance my skiing to such a higher level - edge control - stability - as well as back support - (back surgery '89)—D. Z.

Walter—as the third proud owner of "CADS'' I feel that they have improved my overall skiing and taken pressure off my lower back. It is unbelievable how fast you can "ski in control'' with "CADS"

Thanks—J. B.

After back surgery and years of chronic lower back pain, with CADS, I can finally ski for a whole day, pain free! This system adds tremendous support and stability to my legs and lower back - it allows me to ski faster with more confidence - I'm very grateful to have found it.—P. B.

We had the best first day of skiing in a lifetime (6 hours) on CADS! There was no fatigue, quad pain or back fatigue. CADS provide superior edge control and stabilization. Adjustment time was minimal. CADS are a Quantum Leap in skiing!—D. & S. G.

CADS—Thank you for the gift of skiing. After about 50 years on skies I was about to quit. - "Comfort and delicious stability.'' Phooey on fused vertebrae and a new hip - this is a real miracle.—J. J. B.

Walter Dandy tells me that I am the first Neurosurgeon to ski CADS. I have been on the system for 10 days and like it better every day. I am skiing in a much more relaxed and effective manner and with no fatigue. Further, 5 days before starting with CADS I was in bed with back spasm which has shown no signs of recurrence except after an afternoon of skiing without CADS "just to see.'' I have already called patients to recommend CADS and I will be putting any back patient who wants to ski on the system in the future.—J. M. E., MD

"...a system that can dramatically enhance the performance of your ski client and extend his ability to ski longer periods for a greater portion of his lifetime. Skiing with CADS is exhilarating, enhances your natural skiing, and increases the power of your turns. CADS can diminish future strain of the knees and back and will give your current clients who have these problems an opportunity to enjoy the sport with much less discomfort."—J. R.

"CADS...alleviated a tremendous amount of pressure off my back muscles and nerves, and it widened my horizon in what I can do skiing."—F. B., Jr.

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