Instructions for Mounting Your Ski Boots

Things to remember when positioning the boot mount on the new boots:  Your cord and rod size are proportionate to your leg.  This means that to maintain your same size cords and rods with your new boots, you'll want the new mount in the same place as your old one, relative to the foot bed.  In order to determine where to position the new mounting, take a straight ruler and put it inside the old boot.  Estimate where the top screw is.  Then put the ruler inside the new boot and see if there is a place to mount it in roughly the same place (1/4" difference will not matter).  The space you need is 1 1/4" center hole to center hole.

If you do have to mount it higher or lower than on your old boots, let us know which way and by how much (for example:  2" lower) and we'll figure out if you need new cords and/or rods.

Here is a diagram for the washer order.  It is very important to follow this order.  If you have any questions, we are always available by phone (970-949-4533 Mountain Time).

Be sure to put a Blue LocTite on the ends of the top screw (number 9 in the diagram) before putting the nut on. 


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