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Please fill out the form below. If you don't know your size, let us know. Please be sure to include a daytime phone number in case your sizes are not in our database and we'll tell you how to determine them.  Or, if you'd like to talk with a human being, call us at 970-949-4533.

What do you need (click on a part to see a photo):
Part Price Qty Total
Cord (each) (measure end to end)$9.00 $
Clip (each)$8.00 $
Power Unit (each) $75.00 $
Power Unit Spring$8.50 $
Rod with Pulley (each)$60.00 $
Complete Harness $98.00 $
Harness:  Legbands only$69.00 $
Harness:  Waistbelt only $17.00 $
Harness:  Sidestrap (each) $6.00 $
Hinge (each) $13.00 $
Clevis Pin (each) $8.00 $
Ski Pole (one) $82.50 $
Grip $40.00 $
Grip Strap $4.00 $
Grip Spring $7.50 $
CC Package (2 cords, 1 clip) $25.00 $
PocketKit (Description) $65.00 $
Deer Valley Extra
(photo) (Description)
$120.00 $
$175.00 $
SuperKit (Description) $320.00 $
Grommet New Pants $20.00  
New Pair of Boots Mounted
(plus $50.00 Labor)
See instructions for shipping pants and/or boots

Additional information:

Street Address
Address (cont.)
Zip Code
Phone Number

Street Address
Address (cont.)
Zip/Postal Code


Choose your shipping method:

US Mail First Class
US Mail Priority
Federal Express 2-day
Federal Express Afternoon Delivery
Federal Express Morning Delivery
Federal Express Saturday Delivery

UPS Ground
You pick: I need it by

Payment Options:
Credit Card (faxed to 970-845-8673)
Credit Card (call to 970-949-4533)

The PocketKit includes: hinge, clevis pin, cords (2), clips (2), power unit spring, grip spring, grip strap, nut and washers for one boot assembly (15% off).  Back to Order Form

The Deer Valley Extra Harness is an extra harness set-up so an additional pair of your ski pants are CADS-ready.  Includes complete harness, three cords, two clips (15% off).  Back to Order Form

The InternationalKit includes everything in the PocketKit plus:   rod, power unit, grip strap (at 18% off).  Back to Order Form

The Super Kit includes: rod, power unit, harness, ski pole (one), boot attachment with hardware, hinge, grip spring, power unit spring, clevis pin, cords (4), clips (4) (20% off).  Back to Order Form

Shipping Instructions:
    For shipping via US Postal Service, FedEx, UPS:

    CADS USA, Inc.
    2121 N. Frontage Road
    PMB 160
    Vail, CO  81657

    For shipping via FedEx, UPS (not US Postal Service):

    CADS USA, Inc.
    3868 Eaglebend Drive
    Avon, CO  81620


    When shipping pants, include $20.00 per pair, plus enough for return postage.  If you're in a hurry, indicate the date you need them back by.  If you'd like to just include a credit card number and let us calculate the total, that is fine as well.

New Pair of Boots Mounted:

    If you would like to mount the boots yourself, or you would like your local ski shop to do so, click for instructions.  Otherwise, we are happy to mount them for you.