What Are They?

CADS are different things to different people. It is the first instance of successful "bionics" in any sport. It represents the arrival of automotive type suspension in skiing. The combination of added strength and stamina from the bionics, and enhanced control and performance from the spring suspension mean a new day in safety and pleasure. But like anything that is truly revolutionary, this cannot be quickly and thoroughly comprehended. For that reason, this web page is designed to allow the customers and journalists to speak directly to the potential customer about their own needs and interests and how CADS have or have not fulfilled them.

How do they work?

A weight bypass of the legs is affected by means of a rubber band, a stick, a string, and a harness. The rubber band and the string lift the weight off the legs and on to the stick. That converts the weight your legs had borne into a force down on the ski. I want to see the elements illustrated.  I want to read an engineer's discussion of the mechanics.